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Any publication issued from the TRAIL community must have the following sentence in the aknowledgments or in the financial support:

"This study was achieved within the context of the Laboratory of Excellence TRAIL ANR-10-LABX-57"

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List of publications in 2016 :

December :
A Recombinant Human Anti−platelet scFv Antibody Produced in Pichia pastoris for Atheroma Targeting. Amelie Vallet−Courbin, Mélusine Larivière, Agnès Hocquellet, Audrey Hemadou, Sarjapura−Nagaraja Parimala, Jeanny Laroche−Traineau, Xavier Santarelli, Gisèle Clofent−Sanchez, Marie−Josée Jacobin−Valat and Abdelmajid Noubhani. PLoS ONE, dec 2016

Selective dentate gyrus disruption causes memory impairment at the early stage of experimental multiple sclerosis. V. Planche, A. Panatier, B. Hiba, E. Ducourneau, G. Raffard, N. Dubourdieu, M. Maitre, T. Lesté-Lasserre, B. Brochet, V. Dousset, A. Desmedt, S.H. Oliet, T. Tourdias. Brain Behavior and Immunity, dec 2016

November :
In vivo online magnetic resonance quantification of absolute metabolite concentrations in microdialysate, Stefan Glöggler, Silvia Rizzitelli, Noël Pinaud, Gérard Raffard, Vanessa Zhendre, Véronique Bouchaud, Stéphane Sanchez, Guillaume Radecki, Luisa Ciobanu, Alan Wong, Yannick Crémillieux, Nature Scientific Reports, Nov 2016

October :
Cerebellar assessment in early MS, Moroso A et al., Cerebellum journal, oct 2016

Posterior lobules of the cerebellum and information processing speed at various stages of multiple sclerosis, Moroso A et al., JNNP journal, oct 2016

In Vivo 7T MR Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping Reveals Opposite Susceptibility Contrast between Cortical and White Matter Lesions in Multiple Sclerosis. X W. Bian, X E. Tranvinh, X T. Tourdias, X M. Han, X T. Liu, X Y. Wang, X B. Rutt, and X M.M. Zeineh, AJNR, oct 2016

In Vivo Follow-up of Brain Tumor Growth via Bioluminescence Imaging and  Fluorescence Tomography. Genevois C, Loiseau H and Couillaud F, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Oct 2016

Hippocampal microstructural damage and memory impairment in clinically isolated syndrome, Planche V at al., MS journal, oct 2016

Non-invasive cardiac pacing with image-guided focused ultrasound, Fabrice Marquet, Pierre Bour, Fanny Vaillant, Sana Amraoui, Rémi Dubois, Philippe Ritter, Michel Haïssaguerre, Mélèze Hocini, Olivier Bernus & Bruno Quesson, Nature Scientific Report, Oct 16

September :
Activity/rest cycle and disturbances of structural backbone of cerebral networks in aging, Marion Baillet, Bixente Dilharreguy, Karine Pérès, Jean-François Dartigues, Willy Mayo, Gwenaëlle Catheline, Neuroimage, Sept 2016

Evaluation of a high-resolution micro-sized magic angle spinning (HRmMAS) probe for NMR-based metabolomic studies of nanoliter samples, Nghia Tuan Duong, Yuki Endo, Takahiro Nemoto, Hiroshi Kato, Anne-Karine Bouzier-Sore, Yusuke Nishiyamaab and Alan Wong, Analytical Method, Aug 2016

July :
VolBrain: An Online MRI Brain Volumetry System, José V.Manjón and Pierrick Coupé, Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, July 2016

Bright Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence of a Bis-Donor Quadrupolar Spirofluorene Dye and Its Nanoparticles; Haidong Li, Jonathan Daniel, Jean-Baptiste Verlhac, Mireille Blanchard-Desce, and Neso Sojic*, Chemistry a European Journal, July 2016

Gold-catalysed cross-coupling between aryldiazonium salts and arylboronic acids: probing the usefulness of photoredox conditions, Thomas Cornilleau, Philippe Hermange and Eric Fouquet, Chem Communication, July 2016

Chronic cerebrovascular dysfunction after traumatic brain injury. Jullienne A, Obenaus A, Ichkova A, Savona-Baron C, Pearce WJ, Badaut J. J Neurosci Res. Jul 2016

June :
In vitro imaging of b-cells using fluorescent cubic bicontinuous liquid crystalline nanoparticles; V. Miceli, V. Meli, M. Blanchard-Desce, T. Bsaibess, M. Pampalone, P. G. Conaldi, C. Caltagirone, M. Obiols-Rabasa, J. Schmidt, Y. Talmon, A. Casu, and S. Murgia, RCS Advances, June 2016

Comparison between Three Promising ß-emitting Radionuclides, (67)Cu, (47)Sc and (161)Tb, with Emphasis on Doses Delivered to Minimal Residual Disease. Champion C, Quinto MA, Morgat C, Zanotti-Fregonara P, Hindié E. Theranostics. 2016 Jun

Automatic thalamus and hippocampus segmentation from MP2RAGE: comparison of publicly available methods and implications for DTI quantification, Erhard Næss-Schmidt, Anna Tietze, Jakob Udby Blicher, Mikkel Petersen, Irene K. Mikkelsen, Pierrick Coupé, José V. Manjón, Simon Fristed Eskildsen, International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, June 2016

May :
Fasudil treatment in adult reverses behavioural changes and brain ventricular enlargement in Oligophrenin-1 mouse model of intellectual disability, Hamid Meziane, Malik Khelfaoui, Noemi Morello, Bassem Hiba, Eleonora Calcagno, Sophie Reibel-Foisset, Mohammed Selloum, Jamel Chelly, Yann Humeau, , Fabrice Riet, Ginevra Zanni, Yann Herault, Thierry Bienvenu, Maurizio Giustetto and Pierre Billuart, Human Molecular Genetics, May 2016

Fast 3D Ultrashort Echo-Time Spiral Projection Imaging Using Golden-Angle: A Flexible Protocol for In Vivo Mouse Imaging at High Magnetic Field; Charles R Castets, William Lefrançois, Didier Wecker, Emeline J Ribot, Aurelien J Trotier, Eric Thiaudiere, Jean-Michel Franconi, and Sylvain Miraux*, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, May 2016

MR imaging, targeting and characterization of pulmonary fibrosis using intra-tracheal administration of gadolinium-based nanoparticles, Nawal Tassali, Andrea Bianchi, François Lux, Gérard Raffard, Stéphane Sanchez, Olivier Tillement and Yannick Crémillieux, Contrast Media and Molecular Imaging, May 2016

Dose Deposits from 90Y, 177Lu, 111In, and 161Tb in Micrometastases of Various Sizes: Implications for Radiopharmaceutical Therapy. Hindié E, Zanotti-Fregonara P, Quinto MA, Morgat C, Champion C., J Nucl Med. 2016 May

Cervical spinal cord DTI is improved by reduced-FOV with specific balance between numbers of diffusion gradient directions and numbers of averages; A Crombé, N Alberti, B Hiba, V Dousset, T Tourdias, AJNR, May 2016

Preventing long-lasting fear recovery using bilateral alternating sensory stimulation: a translational study, Wurtz, El-Khoury-Malhame, Wilhelm, Michael, Beetz, Roques, Reynaud, Courtin, Khalfa, Herry, Neuroscience, May 2016

April :
CT evaluation of small pulmonary vessels area in patients with COPD with severe pulmonary hypertension, Florence Coste, Gaël Dournes, Claire Dromer, Elodie Blanchard, Véronique Freund-Michel, Pierre-Olivier Girodet, Michel Montaudon, Fabien Baldacci, François Picard, Roger Marthan, Patrick Berger, François Laurent, Thorax, april 2016

A new class of radiopeptides for PET imaging of neuromedin-B receptor: 68Ga-ranatensin analogs, C. Morgat, R. Varshney, D. Vimont, C. Savona-Baron, C. Riès, C. Chanseau, S. Bertrand, A. K. Mishra, E. Hindié, P. Fernandez and J. Schulz, Med Chem Commun., April 2016

Radiologic imaging of the renal parenchyma structure and function, Nicolas Grenier, Pierre Merville and Christian Combe, Nature Reviews Nephrology, April 2016

March :
In vivo imaging of prostate cancer using an anti-PSMA scFv fragment as a probe, Mazzocco C, Fracasso G, Germain-Genevois C, Dugot-Senant N, Figini M, Colombatti M, Grenier N & Couillaud F, Scientific Reports 6, 23314, Mar 2016

Early Fiber Number Ratio Is a Surrogate of Corticospinal Tract Integrity and Predicts Motor Recovery After Stroke, Antoine Bigourdan, Fanny Munsch, Pierrick Coupé, Charles R.G. Guttmann, Sharmila Sagnier, Pauline Renou, Sabrina Debruxelles, Mathilde Poli Vincent Dousset, Igor Sibon, Thomas Tourdias, Stroke, March 2016

Non Local Spatial and Angular Matching: Enabling higher spatial resolution diffusion MRI datasets through adaptive denoising, Samuel St-Jean,Pierrick Coupé, Maxime Descoteaux, Medical Image Analysis, March 2016

Spatial Modeling of Tumor Drug Resistance : the case of GIST Liver Metastase, Lefebvre G., Cornelis F., Cumsille P., Colin T., Poignard C., Saut O. Mathematical Medicine & Biology, March 2016

February :
4-Hz oscillations synchronize prefrontal–amygdala circuits during fear behavior, Nikolaos Karalis, Cyril Dejean, Fabrice Chaudun, Suzana Khoder, Robert R Rozeske, Hélène Wurtz, Sophie Bagur, Karim Benchenane, Anton Sirota, Julien Courtin & Cyril Herry, Nature Neurosciences, Feb 2016

Lung morphology assessment of cystic fibrosis using MRI with ultra-short echo time at submillimeter spatial resolution, Gaël Dournes & Fanny Menut & Julie Macey & Michaël Fayon & Jean-François Chateil & Marjorie Salel & Olivier Corneloup & Michel Montaudon & Patrick Berger & François Laurent, Eur Radiol, feb 2016

Z-Shaped Pyrrolo[3,2-b]pyrroles and Their Transformation into p-Expanded Indolo[3,2-b]indoles, Rafał Stezycki,Marek Grzybowski, Guillaume Clermont, Mireille Blanchard-Desce and Daniel T. Gryko*, Chemistry a European Journal, Feb 2016

Ex Vivo and In Vivo Imaging and Biodistribution of Aptamers Targeting the Human Matrix MetalloProtease-9 in Melanomas, David Kryza*, Frédéric Debordeaux, Laurent Azéma, Aref Hassan, Olivier Paurelle, Jürgen Schulz, Catherine Savona-Baron, Elsa Charignon, Pauline Bonazza, Jacqueline Taleb, Philippe Fernandez, Marc Janier, Jean-Jacques Toulmé, PlosOne, Feb 2016

January :
Computational Trials: Unraveling Motility Phenotypes, Progression Patterns, and Treatment Options for Glioblastoma Multiforme, Fabio Raman, Elizabeth Scribner, Olivier Saut, Cornelia Wenger, Thierry Colin, Hassan M. Fathallah-Shaykh*, PlosOne, jan 2016

Age-Related Modifications of Diffusion Tensor Imaging Parameters and White Matter Hyperintensities as Inter-Dependent Processes, Amandine Pelletier, Olivier Periot, Bixente Dilharreguy, Bassem Hiba, Martine  Bordessoules, Sandra Chanraud, Karine Pérès, Hélène Amieva, Jean-François  Dartigues, Michèle Allard and Gwénaëlle Catheline, Frontiers in Aging Neurosciences, jan 2016

Improved long-term outcome after transient cerebral ischemia in aquaporin-4 knockout mice, Lorenz Hirt, Andrew M Fukuda, Kamalakar Ambadipudi,Faisil Rashid, Devin Binder, Alan Verkman, Stephen Ashwal,Andre Obenaus and Jerome Badaut, JCBFM, jan 2016

USPIO-Enhanced 3D-Cine Self-Gated Cardiac MRI Based on a Stack-of-Stars Golden Angle Short Echo Time Sequence: Application on Mice With Acute Myocardial Infarction, Aurelien J. Trotier, Charles R. Castets, William Lefrancois, Emeline J. Ribot, Jean-Michel Franconi, Eric Thiaudiere, and Sylvain Miraux, Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, jan 2016

Improved Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Thermometry and Dosimetry for Monitoring Lesion Formation During Catheter Ablation, Valery Ozenne, Solenn Toupin, Pierre Bour, Baudouin Denis de Senneville, Matthieu Lepetit-Coiffe, Manuel Boissenin, Jenny Benois-Pineau, Michael S. Hansen, Souheil J. Inati, Assaf Govari, Pierre Jais, and Bruno Quesson, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, Jan 2016

Solid Lipid Nanoparticles for Image-Guided Therapy of Atherosclerosis, Khalid Oumzil, Michael A. Ramin, Cyril Lorenzato, Audrey Hémadou, Jeanny Laroche, Marie Josée Jacobin-Valat, Stephane Mornet, Claude-Eric Roy, Tina Kauss, Karen Gaudin, Gisèle Clofent-Sanchez, and Philippe Barthélémy, Bioconjugate Chemistry, jan 2016

Evaluation of 68Ga-DOTA-TOC PET/CT for the detection of duodenopancreatic neuroendocrine tumors in patients with MEN1. Clément Morgat, Fritz-Line Vélayoudom-Céphise, Paul Schwartz, Martine Guyot, Delphine Gay, Delphine Vimont, Jürgen Schulz ,Joachim Mazère , Marie-Laure Nunes Denis Smith, Elif Hindié, Philippe Fernandez, Antoine Tabarin, EJNMMI, jan 2016