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Université de Bordeaux
LabEx TRAILCluster of Excellence
Cluster of excellence

Imaging the Future - Digital event

ITF is turning into DigITF, a special digital series starting Nov. 5th

Over the past ten years, Bio-Imaging translational research has experienced an unprecedented expansion:  ten years of challenges, collaborations, success stories and significant advances, thanks to the combination of various approaches and disciplines.

To celebrate  the anniversary of the LabEx TRAIL the community organizes a special online event mixing videos and live sessions with top-notch scientists.

Imaging the future is the occasion for specialists of the bio-imaging field and more broadly for the whole academic community to take part in a discussion about the science of tomorrow.

Participants from various backgrounds (bio-imaging, physics and chemistry, mathematics and digital sciences, clinics…) will be invited to discuss hot scientific topics by sharing their expertise and confronting their views.

The whole program has been redesigned to propose regular online rendezvous, twice a month. Each session will be focused on a key field of bio-imaging research: artificial intelligence and radiomics, dynamic MRI, innovation and research strategies, nanomedicine, and more.