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Federative and emerging project 2015 grant results

Results for the 2015 grant "Emerging and Federative projects" are...

Publié le mercredi 15 juillet 2015

NEPMIP (emerging, WP4/cardio), NanoEmulsion Platform for Magnetic Particle Imaging, Sylvie Crauste-Manciet, U869 ARNA; CoreLab:RMSB

IPALICA (emerging, WP5/neuro), Inflammatory pathways leading to intracranial aneurysm growth, Jérome Berge, CHU; CoreLab:RMSB

ADPP (emerging, WP7/neuro), Brain Topology of AD presymptomatic phase, Gwenaelle Catheline, INCIA

TARGLIN (federative, WP4/onco), Imaging siRNA targeting of glioblastoma using peptide-based nanoparticules, Franck Couillaud, RMSB

TBI (federative, WP5/neuro), Longterm neurovascular unit changes after mild traumatic brain injury, Jérôme Badaut, INCIA