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NEUREPIOMICS SUMMERSCHOOL, 28th of Sept - 2nd of Oct, 2015, Pôle Juridique et Judiciaire

 28/09 - 02/10 09h - 18h
Dernière mise à jour jeudi 30 juillet 2015

NEUREPIOMICS: “Epidemiology of vascular and brain aging in cohorts with large scale imaging and omics data”. 

This summer school aims at providing extensive training in cutting edge research methods of neuroepidemiology. A large part of the course is dedicated to cutting-edge brain imaging and novel “omics” tools and their application in epidemiology of vascular and brain aging. This course will be taught by highly renowned international experts from across the world. It is intended to be strongly interactive with practical demonstrations.

Two conferences will be opened to TRAIL members on the 29th of September:

14:00, "Novel methods for epidemiological analyses of brain imaging data in large consortia", M Arfan Ikram, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

15:30, "Genetic epidemiology of brain structure", Paul Thompson, University of South California, Los Angeles, USA

More information on this TRAIL supported summerschool here