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jeudi 17 janvier 2019

Headline news

Conference 'Neurovascular biology of capillary control' - Prof. Martin Lauritzen
Conference 'Neurovascular biology of capillary control' - Prof. Martin Lauritzen

Prof. Martin Lauritzen from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) has been invited by Jérôme Badaut (INCIA) to give a TRAIL conference on January 24th, 2019 at 02:30 p.m. The talk will take place in...

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CorePartners news

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LaBRI conference on 'Large-scale MRI-based brain mapping and clinical prediction'
LaBRI conference on 'Large-scale MRI-based brain mapping and clinical prediction'

The LaBRI has invited Dr. Mallar Chakravarty (CoBrA Lab leader, McGill University) to give a talk on 'Large-scale MRI-based brain mapping and clinical prediction'. > The presentation will take place...

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With our partners

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CNIV 2019 - Early bird registration deadline and programme
CNIV 2019 - Early bird registration deadline and programme

The third edition of the Congrès National d'Imagerie du Vivant - CNIV 2019 will take place on February 5th-6th at the ICM in Paris. Early bird registration is available until January 21st on the...

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4th SFRMBM congress
4th SFRMBM congress

The 4th congress of the Société française de résonance magnétique en biologie et médecine (SFRMBM) will be held March 19th-21st, 2019 at the Hôtel du département du Bas-Rhin in Strasburg. > Further...

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TRAIL publications

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MRGHIFU project (WP1):

  • Jonathan Vappou, Pierre Bour, Fabrice Marquet, Valery Ozenne and Bruno Quesson, MR-ARFI-based method for the quantitative measurement of tissue elasticity: application for monitoring HIFU therapy, Phys. Med. Biol. 63 (2018) 095018. Read here

BRAIN-RESV project (WP5):

  • Marissal-Arvy N, Campas M-N, Semont A, Ducroix-Crepy C, Beauvieux M-C, Brossaud J, Corcuff J-B, Helbling J-C, Vancassel S, Bouzier-Sore A-K, Touyarot K, Ferreira G, Barat P, Moisan M-P, Insulin treatment partially prevents cognitive and hippocampal alterations as well as glucocorticoid dysregulation in early-onset insulin-deficient diabetic rats, Psychoneuroendocrinology 93 (2018) 72–81 Read here
  • El Hamrani D, Gin H, Gallis J-L, Bouzier-Sore A-K and Beauvieux M-C (2018) Consumption of Alcopops During Brain Maturation Period: Higher Impact of Fructose Than Ethanol on Brain Metabolism. Front. Nutr. 5:33. Read here

GMCOG project (WP5):

  • Amandine Crombe, Vincent Planche, Gerard Raffard, Julien Bourel, Nadege Dubourdieu, Aude Panatier, Hikaru Fukutomi, Vincent Dousset, Stephane Oliet, Bassem Hiba, Thomas Tourdias, Deciphering the microstructure of hippocampal subfields with in vivo DTI and NODDI: Applications to experimental multiple sclerosis, NeuroImage 172 (2018) 357–368 Read here

INNES project (WP5):

  • Lionel Carneiro, Mohamed Asrih, Cendrine Repond, Christine Sempoux, Jean-Christophe Stehle, Corinne Leloup, François R. Jornayvaz, Luc Pellerin, AMPK activation caused by reduced liver lactate metabolism protects against hepatic steatosis in MCT1 haploinsufficient mice, Molecular Metabolism 6 (2017) 1625-1633 Read here
  • Luc Pellerin, Neuroenergetics: Astrocytes Have a Sweet Spot for Glucose, Current Biology, 2018, Vol 28, Issue 21, 1258-1260 Read here
  • Miryam P. Alvarez-Flores, Audrey Hébert, Cathy Gouelle, Sarah Geller, Ana M. Chudzinski-Tavassi, Luc Pellerin, Neuroprotective effect of rLosac on supplement-deprived mouse cultured cortical neurons involves maintainance of monocarboxylate transporter MCT2 protein levels, Journal of Neurochemistry (2018) Read here

TBI project (WP5):

  • Beatriz Rodriguez-Grande, Andre Obenaus, Aleksandra Ichkova, Justine Aussudre, Thomas Bessy, Elodie Barse, Bassem Hiba, Gwenaëlle Catheline, Gregory Barrière, Jerome Badaut, Gliovascular changes precede white matter damage and long-term disorders in juvenile mild closed head injury, Glia 2018;66:1663–1677 Read here
  • Camille Blochet, Lara Buscemi, Tifenn Clément, Sabrina Gehri, Jerome Badaut and Lorenz Hirt, Involvement of caveolin-1 in neurovascular unit remodeling after stroke: Effects on neovascularization and astrogliosis, J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. 2018 Oct 24:271678X18806893 Read here

  • Patrizia Giannoni, Jerome Badaut, Cyril Dargazanli, Alexis Fayd’Herbe De Maudave, Wendy Klement, Vincent Costalat and Nicola Marchi, The pericyte–glia interface at the blood–brain barrier, Clinical Science (2018), 132, 361–374 Read here

DEEPSTROKE project (WP6):

  • Sagnier S, Catheline G, Dilharreguy B, Munsch F, Bigourdan A, Poli M, Debruxelles S, Olindo S, Renou P, Rouanet F, Dousset V, Tourdias T, Sibon I, Admission Brain Cortical Volume: An Independant Determinant of Poststroke Cognitive Vulnerability, Stroke, 2017, Aug; 48(8):2113-2120 Read here

> Any publication issued from the TRAIL community must have the following sentence in the acknowledgments or in the financial support:

'This study was achieved within the context of the Laboratory of Excellence TRAIL ANR-10-LABX-57.'

> A detailed list of all TRAIL publications (2011-2018) is available on the dedicated webpage of the TRAIL website.


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janv.=>CNIV 2019 - Early bird registration deadline and programme
janv.=>Conference 'Neurovascular biology of capillary control' - Prof. Martin Lauritzen
janv.=>LaBRI conference on 'Large-scale MRI-based brain mapping and clinical prediction'
mars=>4th SFRMBM congress
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