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Cluster of excellence

Scientific coordinators for Work-Packages

Seven work-packages coordinators define scientific themes for call guidelines, they are part of the research project selection process and are involved in scientific animation.

Work-packages coordinators:

       > WP1  -  Interventional imaging and MRI guided HIFU  -  Bruno QUESSON

       > WP2  -  New sequences  -  Sylvain MIRAUX

       > WP3  -  DNP  -  Eric THAUDIERE

       > WP4  -  Tracers and contrast agents  -  Mireille BLANCHARD-DESCE and Philippe FERNANDEZ

       > WP5  -  Biological bio-imaging markers  -  Gisèle CLOFENT-SANCHEZ

       > WP6  -  Mathematic simulation and modeling  -  Pierrick COUPE

       > WP7  -  Cohort imaging methodology  -  François LAURENT