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TRAIL supported International Conference "FUNCTIONAL MRI FOR RENAL PARENCHYMAL DISEASE: READY FOR CLINICAL PRACTICE" ? (from Sept 26th to Sept 28th, 2015, Bordeaux)

Pre-program of this TRAIL supported conference:

Nephrology perspectives, Current issues in functional renal MRI, Diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI, DTI, IVIM), Industry symposium

Nephrology perspectives: Epidemiology of CKD and ESRD. What do we need for prediction of renal outcome ? What are the opportunities for functional MRI ? C. Combe (Bordeaux, FR); Demonstrating clinical utility of renal MR biomarkers: lessons learned from CRIC. Ph. Kalra (UK)

Current issues in functional renal MRI: The relation between multiparametric MRI and renal physiology: insights and open questions. T. Niendorf (Berlin, D); Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis (NSF) and Gd-injection for renal MRI: where are we in 2015 ? S. Morcos (Sheffield, UK); Translation into clinical practice: the need for international collaboration and public-private partnerships. S. Sourbron (Leeds, UK)

Diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI, DTI, IVIM): DWI & DTI methods: principles, reliability and availability. F. de Keyzer (Leuven, B); IVIM methods: principles, reliability and availability. R. Lanzman (Dusseldorf, D); Preclinical and clinical evidence, physiological interpretation and validation. M. Notohamiprodjo (Munich, D)

Industry symposium: renal MR sequences and integrated post-processing

More details to come...

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