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Conference Molecular fMRI with Bioresponsive Probes

le 28/06 at 14h30
Last update Thursday 27 June 2019

Dr Goran Angelovski (Tuebingen, Germany) has been invited by Yannick Crémillieux (ISM) to give a TRAIL conference on Friday, June 28th 2019 at 02:30 p.m. in the Conference room of the CGFB (Centre de génomique fonctionnelle de Bordeaux).

Molecular fMRI with Bioresponsive Probes

Bioresponsive or smart contrast agents (SCAs)
can substantially improve specificity of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in studying processes on molecular and cellular level. These probes are capable of alternating the MR image contrast upon change in the local environment, thus reporting the occurrence of a particular physiological or pathological process.
Over the past several years, we developed a series of paramagnetic and biocompatible SCAs that strongly respond to calcium ions and amino acid neurotransmitters. Moreover, we validated their functionality in various MRI experiments in vitro, ex vivo, as well as in vivo. The most prominent example is utilization of a calcium-sensitive MRI probe for early detection and monitoring of brain ischemia. Wider involvement of this novel fMRI
methodology can offer excellent perspectives for direct visualization and mapping of neural activity in unprecedented fashion.

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