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Friday 03 February 2017

Newsletter TRAIL#48

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16th February 2017 :
Conference by Pr. Banafshé Larijani (Cell Biophysics Laboratory, Spain) organized by SIRIC BRIO and LabEx TRAIL

"Oncoprotein activation and dynamics in cancer :
a new vision of cancer diagnotics."
  • Start at 14:30 in the conference room of Bergonie Institute
  • In the context of the collaboration Euskampus-University of Bordeaux
  • Flyer available HERE

The next SFRMBM Symposium
(Société Française de Résonance Magnétique en Biologie et Médecine) will be held in Bordeaux :

13-15 March 2017, Place Pey-Berland, Bordeaux

Deadline for optimized registration price : 14th February 2017

Cancéropôle Grand Sud-Ouest - Call for proposal
Deadline for submission :
1st March 2017

Calls for Proposals details
are available here


Yet, another 7 publications quoting TRAIL !

See the TRAIL achievements and the complete list of publications HERE

NEWFISP project :

  • C.R. Castets, N. Koonjoo, A. Hertanu, P. Voisin, JM.  Franconi, S. Miraux & E. J. Ribot, In vivo MEMRI characterization of brain metastases using a 3D LookLocker T1-mapping sequence, Nature Scientific Reports, Jan 2017. See Publication here.

HRDTI project :

  • J. Romero, P. Coupe, R. Giraud, VT. Ta, V. Fonov, MT. Park, M. Chakravarty, A. Voineskos, J. Manjon, CERES: A new cerebellum lobule segmentation method, NeuroImage, Jan 2017. See Publication here.

MRGHIFU project :

  • P. Bour, F. Marquet, V. Ozenne, S. Toupin, E. Dumont, JF Aubry, M. Lepetit-Coiffe, and B. Quesson. Real-Time Monitoring of Tissue Displacement and Temperature Changes during MR-Guided High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, Jan 2017. See Publication here.

GMCOG project :

  • V. Planche, A. Panatier, B. Hiba, E. Ducourneau, G. Raffard, N. Dubourdieu, M. Maitre, T. Lesté-Lasserre, B. Brochet, V. Dousset, A. Desmedt, S.H. Oliet, T. Tourdias, Selective dentate gyrus disruption causes memory impairment at the early stage of experimental multiple sclerosis.. Brain Behavior and Immunity, dec 2016. See Publication here.
  • X W. Bian, X E. Tranvinh, X T. Tourdias, X M. Han, X T. Liu, X Y. Wang, X B. Rutt, and X M.M. Zeineh,  In Vivo 7T MR Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping Reveals Opposite Susceptibility Contrast between Cortical and White Matter Lesions in Multiple Sclerosis, AJNR, oct 2016. See Publication here.

MIMATHUMAB project :

  • A. Vallet−Courbin, M. Larivière, A. Hocquellet, A. Hemadou, SN. Parimala, J. Laroche−Traineau, X. Santarelli, G. Clofent−Sanchez, MJ. Jacobin−Valat and A. Noubhani. A Recombinant Human Anti−platelet scFv Antibody Produced in Pichia pastoris for Atheroma Targeting. PLoS ONE, dec 2016. See Publication here.

TBI project :

  • A. Jullienne, A.Obenaus, A. Ichkova, C. Savona-Baron, WJ. Pearce, J. Badaut. Chronic cerebrovascular dysfunction after traumatic brain injury. J Neurosci Res. Jul 2016. See Publication here.
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