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Thursday 02 March 2017

Newsletter TRAIL#49

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13-15 March 2017, Bordeaux : 3rd SFRMBM Symposium

17-19 May 2017, Bordeaux : NeuroFrance 2017 Symposium

  • Details and registration :
  • A maximum of 4 registrations can be funded by TRAIL for the doctoral and post-doctoral students of the TRAIL community .
  • If you are interested, send an email to, before 24th of MARCH.


Call for propolas "Imaging biomarkers for the so-called 4P medicine (predictive, preventative, personalised, participatory)" is now open by Aquitaine Science Transfert.

This call is addressed to researchers from academic institutions who wish valorization of their research results.

Calendar :

  • Open of the call : 23rd February, 2017
  • End of the call : 28th April, 2017
  • Further details : AST website


Yet, another 5 publications quoting TRAIL !


  • In Vivo Imaging of Local Gene Expression Induced by Magnetic Hyperthermia, O. Sandre, C. Genevois, E. Garaio, L. Adumeau, S. Mornet, and F. Couillaud, Genes, Feb 2017. See publication here.

MRGHIFU project :

  • Impact of surface grafting density of PEG macromolecules on dually fluorescent silica nanoparticles used for the in vivo imaging of subcutaneous tumors, L. Adumeau, C. Genevois, L. Roudier, C. Schatz, F. Couillaud, S. Mornet, BBA - General Subjects, Feb 2017. See publication here.
  • Feasibility of real-time MR thermal dose mapping for predicting radiofrequency ablation outcome in the myocardium in vivo, S. Toupin , P. Bour, M. Lepetit-Coiffé, V. Ozenne, B. Denis de Senneville, R. Schneider, A. Vaussy, A. Chaumeil, H. Cochet, F. Sacher, P. Jaïs, and B. Quesson, Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance, Feb 2017. See publication here.
  • Combination of principal component analysis and optical-flow motion compensation for improved cardiac MR thermometry, S Toupin , B Denis de Senneville, V Ozenne, P Bour, M Lepetit-Coiffe, M Boissenin, P Jais and B Quesson, Physics in Medicine & Biology, jan 2017. See publication here.

STEAMRI project :

  • MRI of the pulmonary parenchyma: Towards clinical applicability ? G. Dournes, J. Maceya, E. Blanchard,P. Bergera, F. Laurent, Pneumologie Clinique, Feb 2017. See publication here.


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