Translational Research and Advanced Imaging Laboratory 

Research Program

"TRAIL strongly impacts the Bordeaux imaging community by structuring 7 scientific pillars and by organizing the multidisciplinarity between 10 teams from 7 core laboratories."

Professor Vincent Dousset, TRAIL director.


Interventional imaging and MR guided HIFU:
to further develop MRI HIFU towards treatment of tumors in particular for liver and kidney, as well as breast and prostate from large animals to clinical trials.

› New imaging sequences:
to increase spatial and temporal resolutions, sensitivity, specificity to become more quantitative and to adapt NMR/MRI to biological systems.

› Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP):
to develop new Targeted DNP-Contrast Enhanced MRI for diagnosis through protease spotting.

› Tracers and contrast agents:
to create responsive agents for molecular imaging, using different imaging modalities towards functional imaging (MR, PET and Optical).

› Biological bioimaging markers:
to detect imaging biomarkers used for prediction and diagnosis of patients at risk, for evaluation of disease progression and evaluation of therapeutic interventions.

› Mathematical simulation and modeling:
to compute patient specific digital models from multimodal imaging data in order to reproduce diseases and treatments in silico.

› Cohort imaging methodology:
to implement a structural/functional MRI (3T/7T) neuroimaging platform fields dedicated to translational research in the field of age-related disorders and neurodegenerative diseases.