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Université de Bordeaux
LabEx TRAILCluster of Excellence
Cluster of excellence

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is composed of 11 representatives of core laboratories, 5 representatives of thematic axes and the Director, who chairs the Committee. Its members meet monthly to define the development strategy, collaborative actions, guidelines of calls for proposals, and to discuss the budget.

Steering Committee members:

       >  LabEx Director  -  Vincent DOUSSET

       >  CRCTB  -  Bronchial modeling  -  Patrick BERGER

                             -  Cardiac electrophysiology  -  Hubert COCHET

        EA IMOTION  -  Molecular imaging and innovative therapies in oncology  -  Franck COUILLAUD

       >  IMB  -  Scientific calculation  -  Olivier SAUT

       >  INCIA  -  Neuroimaging and human cognition  -  Igor SIBON

                           -  Brain molecular imaging  -  Jérôme BADAUT

       >  ISM  -  Molecular imaging and photonic  -  Yannick CREMILLIEUX

                       -  Catalysis, synthesis and health  -  Eric FOUQUET

       >  LaBRI  -  Image and sound  - Jean-Philippe DOMENGER

       RMSB  -  Center for magnetic resonance of biological systems  -  Anne-Karine BOUZIER-SORE

       NCM  -  Glia-neuron interactions  -  Aurélie RUET

       Neurology  -  Gwenaelle CATHELINE

       Oncology  -  Jean PALUSSIERE

       Cardiology  -  Michel MONTAUDON

       Pneumology  -  Gaël DOURNES

       Nephrology  -  Nicolas GRENIER

       International representative  -  Luc PELLERIN