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Université de Bordeaux
LabEx TRAILCluster of Excellence
Cluster of excellence


Any publication issued from the TRAIL community must have the following sentence in the acknowledgments or in the financial support:

"This study was achieved within the context of the Laboratory of Excellence TRAIL ANR-10-LABX-57."


Latest TRAIL publications (2019 - 2021):

WP 1- MRI-Guided HIFU

MRGHIFU project:

  • Valéry Ozenne, Pierre Bour, Baudouin Denis de Senneville, Solenn Toupin, Alexis Vaussy, Matthieu Lepetit‐Coiffé, Pierre Jaïs, Hubert Cochet, Bruno Quesson, Assessment of left ventricle magnetic resonance temperature stability in patients in the presence of arrhythmias, NMR in Biomedicine, July 2019 Read here
  • Valéry Ozenne, Charlotte Constans, Pierre Bour, Mathieu D. Santin, Romain Valabregue, Harry Ahnine, Pierre Pouget, Stéphane Lehericy, Jean-François Aubry, Bruno Quesson, MRI monitoring of temperature and displacement for transcranial focus ultrasound applications, Neuroimage, Nov 2019 Read here
  • Allison Payne, Robb Merrill, Emilee Minalga, J. Rock Hadley, Henrik Odéen, Lorne W. Hofstetter, Sara Johnson, Christine Tunon de Lara, Sophie Auriol, Stephanié Recco, Erik Dumont, Dennis L. Parker, and Jean Palussiere, A Breast-Specific MR Guided Focused Ultrasound Platform and Treatment Protocol: First-in-Human Technical Evaluation, IEEE, sept 2020 Read here

  • De Landro M, Ianniello J, Yon M, Wolf A, Quesson B, Schena E, Saccomandi P.Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors for Performance Evaluation of Fast Magnetic Resonance Thermometry on Synthetic Phantom., Sensors, nov 2020, Read here

NEHMO project:

  • Lilin Wang, Aziliz Hervault,Paul Southern,Olivier Sandre, Franck Couillaud and Nguyen Thi Kim Than, In vitro exploration of the synergistic effect of alternating magnetic field mediated thermo–chemotherapy with doxorubicin loaded dual pH- and thermo-responsive magnetic nanocomposite carriers, Journal of materials Chemistry B, nov 2020 Read here 

WP2 - New sequences

HRDTI project:

  • Marion Griton, Ibtihel Dhaya, Renaud Nicolas, Gérard Raffarde, Olivier Periota, Bassem Hiba, Jan Pieter Konsmana, Experimental sepsis-associated encephalopathy is accompanied by altered cerebral blood perfusion and water diffusion and related to changes in cyclooxygenase-2 expression and glial cell morphology but not to bloodbrain barrier breakdown, Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, Nov 2019 Read here


  • Faller, T.L., Trotier, A.J., Miraux, S. et al., Radial MP2RAGE sequence for rapid 3D T1 mapping of mouse abdomen: application to hepatic metastases, Eur Radiol (2019) Read here
  • Thibaut L. Faller, Aurélien J. Trotier, Alice F. Rousseau, Jean-Michel Franconi, Sylvain Miraux, Emeline J. Ribot,2D multislice MP2RAGE sequence for fast T1 mapping at 7 T: Application to mouse imaging and MR thermometry, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, February 2020 Read here


ONCOFLUX project:

  • Crémillieux Y, Dumont U, Mazuel L, Salvati R, Zhendre V, Rizzitelli S, Blanc J, Roumes H, Pinaud N and Bouzier-Sore A-K (2019) Online Quantification of Lactate Concentration in Microdialysate During Cerebral Activation Using 1H-MRS and Sensitive NMR Microcoil. Front. Cell. Neurosci. 13:89. Read here
  • Yannick Crémillieux, Yoann Montigaud, Clémence Bal, Noël Pinaud, Vi Pham, Sophie Perine, Marco Natuzzi, François Lux, Olivier Tillement, Nobuyasu Ichinose, Bei Zhang, Jérémie Pourchez, Three‐dimensional quantitative MRI of aerosolized gadolinium‐based nanoparticles and contrast agents in isolated ventilated porcine lungs, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, oct 2019 Read here

  • Yoann Montigaud, Jérémie Pourchez, Lara Leclerc, Olivier Tillement, Anthony Clotagatide, Clémence Bal, Noël Pinaud, Nobuyasu Ichinose, Bei Zhang, Sophie Perinel, François Lux, Yannick Crémillieux, Nathalie Prevot, Nebulised Gadolinium-Based Nanoparticles for a Multimodal Approach: Quantitative and Qualitative Lung Distribution Using Magnetic Resonance and Scintigraphy Imaging in Isolated Ventilated Porcine Lungs, International Journal of Nanomedicine, nov 2020, Read here

INSIGHT project:

  • Justine Deborne, Noël Pinaud and Yannick Crémillieux, Implantable NMR microcoils in rats: a new tool for exploring tumor metabolism at sub-microliter scale ? Metabolite, March 2021, Read here

TRAIL DNP project:

  • Gérard Audran, Lionel Bosco, Paul Brémond, Natacha Jugniot, Sylvain R. A. Marque, Philippe Massot, Philippe Mellet, Tataye Moussounda Moussounda Koumba, Elodie Parzy, Angélique Rivot, Eric Thiaudière, Pierre Voisin, Carina Wedla and Toshihide Yamasakia, Enzymatic triggering of C–ON bond homolysis of alkoxyamines, Organic chemistry Frontiers, sept 2019 Read here

WP4 - Tracers and contrast agents

FITTING project:

  • Zoeisha S. Chinoy, Clément Bodineau, Camille Favre, Kelley W. Moremen, Raúl V. Durán and Frédéric Friscourt, Selective Engineering of Linkage-Specific α2,6-N-Linked Sialoproteins Using Sydnone-Modified Sialic Acid Bioorthogonal Reporters, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2019, 58, 4281-4285. Read here


  • Isabelle Sasaki, Jonathan Daniel, Sébastien Marais, Jean-Baptiste Verlhac, Michel Vaultier and Mireille Blanchard-Desce, Soft fluorescent organic nanodots as nanocarriers for porphyrins, Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines, Oct 2019 Read here
  • Geoffrey Prévot,Talia Bsaibess, Jonathan Daniel, Coralie Genevois, Guillaume Clermont, Isabelle Sasaki, Sebastien Marais, Franck Couillaud, Sylvie Crauste-Manciet, and Mireille Blanchard-Desce, Multimodal optical contrast agents as new tools for monitoring and tuning nanoemulsion internalisation into cancer cells. From live cell imaging to in vivo imaging of tumour, Nanoscale Advances, March 2020 Read here

PRITOR project:

  • Morgat C., Schollhammer R., Macgrogan G., Barthe N., Vélasco V., Vimont D., et al. (2019) Comparison of the binding of the gastrin-releasing peptide receptor (GRP-R) antagonist 68Ga-RM2 and 18F-FDG in breast cancer samples. PLoS ONE 14(1):e0210905. Read here
  • Clément Morgat, Adrien Chastel, Vincent Molinie, Romain Schollhammer, Gaétan Macgrogan, Valérie Vélasco, Bernard Malavaud, Philippe Fernandez and Elif Hindié, Neurotensin Receptor-1 Expression in Human Prostate Cancer: A Pilot Study on Primary Tumors and Lymph Node Metastases, International journal of molecular sciences, April 2019, 20(7), 1721 Read here
  • Romain Schollhammer, Henri De Clermont Gallerande, Mokrane Yacoub, Marie-Laure Quintyn Ranty, Nicole Barthe, Delphine Vimont, Elif Hindié, Philippe Fernandez and Clément Morgat, Comparison of the radiolabeled PSMAinhibitor 111In-PSMA-617 and the radiolabeled GRP-R antagonist 111In-RM2 in primary prostate cancer samples, EJNMMI Research, 019, 9: 52 Read here

SUPSIFLU project:

  • Morgan Cormier, Eric Fouquet and Philippe Hermange, Expedient synthesis of a symmetric cycloheptyne-Co2(CO)6 complex for orthogonal Huisgen cycloadditions,  Organic Chemistry Frontier, April 2019, 2019,6, 1114-1117 Read here
  • T. Christine, A. Tabey, T. Cornilleau, E. Fouquet, P. Hermange, Syntheses of o-iodobenzyl alcohols‒BODIPY structures as potential precursors of bimodal tags for positron emission tomography and optical imaging, Tetrahedron, June 2020 Read here

  • A. Tabey, T. Christine, E. Fouquet, P. Hermange, Practical Synthesis of 13C-Labeled Conjugates by [13C]CO-Carbonylation of Supported Arylbipyridylpalladium Complexes and Alkyne-Azide Cycloadditions., Appl. Organomet. Chem. June 2020 Read here

TARGLIN project:

  • Konate K, Dussot M, Aldrian G, Vaissière A, Viguier V, Ferreiro Neira I, Couillaud F, Vivès E, Boisguerin P & Deshayes S (2018). Peptide-based nanoparticles to rapidly and efficiently “Wrap’n Roll” siRNA into cells. Bioconjug Chem Read here


  • Adrien Chastel, Dennis J. Worm, Isabel D. Alves, Delphine Vimont, Melina Petrel, Samantha Fernandez, Philippe Garrigue, Philippe Fernandez, Elif Hindié, Annette G. Beck-Sickinger and Clément Morgat, Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of a multifunctional neuropeptide-Y conjugate for selective nuclear delivery of radiolanthanides, EJNMMI Research, March 2020 Read here
  • Mario E. Alcocer-Ávila , Aymeric Ferreira, Michele A. Quinto , Clément Morgat, Elif Hindié and Christophe Champion, Radiation doses from 161Tb and 177Lu in single tumour cells and micrometastases, EJNMMI, physics, nov 2020 Read here 

WP5 - Biological bioimaging markers

BRAIN-RESV project:

  • Ursule Dumont, Stéphane Sanchez, Benjamin Olivier, Jean-François Chateil, Luc Pellerin, Marie-Christine Beauvieux, Anne-Karine Bouzier-Sore, Hélène Roumes, Maternal consumption of piceatannol: A nutritional neuroprotective strategy against hypoxia-ischemia in rat neonates, Brain research, 2019 Aug 15;1717:86-94 Read here
  • Helene Roumes, Ursule Dumont, Stephane Sanchez, Leslie Mazuel, Jordy Blanc, Gerard Raffard, Jean-Francois Chateil , Luc Pellerin and Anne-Karine Bouzier-Sore, Neuroprotective role of lactate in rat neonatal hypoxia-ischemia, Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism, February 2020 Read here
  • Covadonga Lucas‐Torres, Thierry Bernard, Gaspard Huber, Patrick Berthault, Yusuke Nishiyama, Pancham S. Kandiyal, Bénédicte Elena‐Herrmann, Laurent Molin, Florence Solari, Anne‐Karine Bouzier‐Sore and Alan Wong, General Guidelines for Sample Preparation Strategies in HR‐μMAS NMR‐based Metabolomics of Microscopic Specimens, Metabolites, February 2020 Read here
  • Ursule Dumont, Stéphane Sanchez, Benjamin Olivier, Jean-François Chateil, Denis Deffieux, Stéphane Quideau, Luc Pellerin, Marie-Christine Beauvieux, Anne-Karine Bouzier-Sore and Hélène Roumes, Maternal alcoholism and neonatal hypoxia-ischemia: neuroprotection by stilbenoid polyphenols, Brain Research, March 2020 Read here
  • Daniel Jimenez-Blasco, Arnau Busquets-Garcia, Etienne Hebert-Chatelain, Roman Serra, Carlos Vicente-Gutierrez, Christina Ioannidou, Paula Gómez Sotres, Irene Lopez-Fabuel, Monica Resch, Eva Resel, Dorian Arnouil, Dave Saraswat, Marjorie Varilh, Astrid Cannich, Francisca Julio-Kalajzic, Itziar Bonilla-Del Río, Angeles Almeida, Nagore Puente, Svein Achicallende, Maria-Luz Lopez-Rodriguez, Charlotte Jollé, Nicole Déglon, Luc Pellerin, Charlène Josephine, Gilles Bonvento, Aude Panatier, Beat Lutz, Pier-Vincenzo Piazza,&, Manuel Guzmán, Luigi Bellocchio, Anne-Karine Bouzier-Sore, Pedro Grandes, Juan P. Bolaños and Giovanni Marsicano, Glucose metabolism link astroglial mitochondria to cannabinoid effects, Nature, June 2020
  • Hiran A, Anja V. Gruszczyk, Margaret M. Huang, Timothy E. Beach, Timothy Young, Laura Tronci, Efterpi Nikitopoulou, John F. Mulvey, Raimondo Ascione, Anna Hadjihambi, Michael J. Shattock, Luc Pellerin, Kourosh Saeb-Parsy, Christian Frezza, Andrew M. James, Thomas Krieg, Michael P. Murphy and Dunja Aksentijevi, Mechanism of succinate efflux upon reperfusion of the ischaemic heart, Cardiovascular Research, June 2020
  • Roxane Pasquettaz, Irina Kolotuev, Antoine Rohrbach, Cathy Gouelle, Luc Pellerin, Fanny Langlet, Peculiar protrusions along tanycyte processes face diverse neural and nonneural cell types in the hypothalamic parenchyma, Journal of comparative neurology, June 2020 Read here

GMCOG project:

  • Jason H. Su, Francis T. Thomas, Willard S. Kasoff, Thomas Tourdias, Eun Young Choi, Brian K. Rutt and Manojkumar Saranathan, Thalamus Optimized Multi Atlas Segmentation (THOMAS): fast, fully automated segmentation of thalamic nuclei from structural MRI. NeuroImage, 2019, 194, 272-282. Read here
  • Koubiyr, I., Deloire, M., Besson, P., Coupé, P., Dulau, C., Pelletier, J., Tourdias T., Audoin B., Brochet B., Ranjeva J.-P., and Ruet, A. (2018). Longitudinal study of functional brain network reorganization in clinically isolated syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis Journal Read here
  • Planche V, Su J, Mournet S, Saranathan M, Dousset V, Han M, Rutt B and Tourdias T, White-matter-nulled MPRAGE at 7T reveals thalamic lesions and atrophy of specific thalamic nuclei in multiple sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis Journal, 2019 Read here
  • Ismail Koubiyr, Pierre Besson, Mathilde Deloire, Julie Charre-Morin, Aurore Saubusse, Thomas Tourdias, Bruno Brochet and Aurélie Ruet, Dynamic modular-level alterations of structural-functional coupling in clinically isolated syndrome, Brain, sept 2019 Read here

  • Ismail Koubiyr, Mathilde Deloire, Bruno Brochet , Pierre Besson, Julie Charré-Morin, Aurore Saubusse, Thomas Tourdias and Aurélie Ruet, Structural constraints of functional connectivity drive cognitive impairment in the early stages of multiple sclerosis, MSJ, Jan 2021, Read here

INNES project:

  • Stephen F.Carter, Karl Herholz, Pedro Rosa-Neto, Luc Pellerin, Agneta Nordberg, Eduardo R.Zimmer, Astrocyte Biomarkers in Alzheimer’s Disease, Trends in Molecular Medicine (2019) 1397 1-19 Read here
  • Sarah Geller, Yoan Arribat, Citlalli Netzahualcoyotzi, Sylviane Lagarrigue, Lionel Carneiro, Lianjun Zhang, Francesca Amati, Isabel C. Lopez-Mejia, and Luc Pellerin,Tanycytes Regulate Lipid Homeostasis by Sensing Free Fatty Acids and Signaling to Key Hypothalamic Neuronal Populations via FGF21 Secretion, Cell Metabolism, Sept 2019 Read here

  • Bessem Mornagui, Raja Rezg, Cendrine Repond, Luc Pellerin, Effects of bisphenol S, a major substitute of bisphenol A, on neurobehavioral responses and cerebral monocarboxylate transporters expression in mice, Food and chemical toxicology, sept 2019 Read here


  • Coraline Borowczyka, Jeanny Laroche-Traineaua, Julien Brevier, Marie-Josée Jacobin-Valat, Sébastien Marais, Edouard Gerbaud, Gisèle Clofent-Sanchez, Florence Ottones, Two-photon excited fluorescence (TPEF) may be useful to identify macrophage subsets based on their metabolic activity and cellular responses in atherosclerotic plaques, Atherosclerosis, Sept 2020 Read here


  • Kirubanandhan Lokeshwaran, Audrey Hemadou, N.S. Jayaprakash, R.R. Prasanna, Marie-Josée Jacobin-Valat, Wilfrid Dieryck, Gilles Joucla, M.A. Vijayalakshmi, Gisèle Clofent-Sanchez, Xavier Santarelli, Krishnan Venkataraman, Development of anti-chloro 192 tyrosine HDL apoA-I antibodies for the immunodiagnosis of cardiovascular diseases,  Journal of Immunological Methods, oct 2019 Read here

STEAMRI project:

  • Ilyes Benlala, MD, Patrick Berger, MD, PhD, Pierre-Olivier Girodet, MD, PhD, Claire Dromer, MD, Julie Macey, MD, François Laurent, MD, Gaël Dournes, MD, PhD, Automated Volumetric Quantification of Emphysema Severity by Using Ultrashort Echo Time MRI: Validation in Participants with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Radiology, 2019 Jun 4:190052 Read here
  • Ilyes Benlala, MD, François Hocke, MD, Julie Macey, MD, Stéphanie Bui, MD, Patrick Berger, MD, PhD, François Laurent, MD, Gaël Dournes, MD, PhD, Quantification of MRI T2-weighted High Signal Volume in Cystic Fibrosis: A Pilot Study, Radiology, nov 2019 Read here
  • Ilyes Benlala, Sophie Point, Cédric Leung, Patrick Berger, Jason C. Woods, Chantal Raherison, François Laurent, Julie Macey, Gaël Dournes, Volumetric quantification of lung MR signal intensities using ultrashort TE as an automated score in cystic fibrosis, European Radiology, may 2020 Read here
  • Dournes Gael, Walkup Laura, Benlala Ilyes, Willmering Matthew, Macey Julie, Bui Stephanie, Laurent François, Woods, Jason,The clinical use of MRI in Cystic Fibrosis: what, now, how? Chest, dec 2020 Read here

TBI project:

  • Tifenn Clément, Jeong B. Lee, Aleksandra Ichkova, Beatriz Rodriguez-Grande,  Marie-Line Fournier,  Justine Aussudre, Michael Ogier, Elizabeth Haddad, Frederic Canini, Muriel Koehl, Djoher Nora Abrous, Andre Obenaus, Jerome Badaut,Juvenile mild traumatic brain injury elicits distinct spatiotemporal astrocyte responses, Glia, oct 2019 Read here
  • Jerome Badaut, Arash Adami, Lei Huang, André Obenaus, Noninvasive magnetic resonance imaging stratifies injury severity in a rodent model of male juvenile traumatic brain injury, J Neuro Res, March 2019 Read here
  • Aleksandra Ichkova, Andrew M. Fukuda, Nina Nishiyama, Germaine Paris, Andre Obenaus and Jerome Badaut, Small Interference RNA Targeting Connexin-43 Improves Motor Function and Limits Astrogliosis After Juvenile Traumatic Brain Injury, ASN Neuro, Nov 2019 Read here
  • J Badaut, J Zang, 17th international conference on Brain Edema and Cellular Injury, J Neuro Res, Nov 2019, Read here
  • Virginie Dinet, Klaus G. Petry and Jerome Badaut, Brain–Immune Interactions and Neuroinflammation After Traumatic Brain Injury, Frontiers in Neurosciences, Nov 2019 Read here
  • Aleksandra Ichkova, Beatriz Rodriguez-Grande, Emma Zub, Amel Saudi, Marie-Line Fournier, Justine Aussudre, Pierre Sicard, André Obenaus, Nicola Marchif, Jerome Badaut, Early cerebrovascular and long-term neurological modifications ensue following juvenile mild traumatic brain injury in male mice, Neurobiology of Disease, déc 2020, Read here
  • Hélène Cassoudesalle, Adrien Petit, Sandra Chanraud, Hervé Petit, Jérôme Badaut, Igor Sibon, Patrick Dehail, Changes in resting-state functional brain connectivity associated with head impacts over one men’s semi-professional soccer season, Neuroscience Research, Déc 2020 Read here

WP6 - Mathematical simulation and modeling

ARM project:

  • B Denis de Senneville, R Cardiet, J Trotier, E Ribot,L Lafitte, L Facq, S Miraux, Optimizing 4D abdominal MRI: Image denoising using an iterative back-projection approach, Physics in Medicine and Biology, nov 2019 Read here
  • Baudouin Denis de Senneville, Nora Frulio, Hervé Laumonier, Cécile Salut, Luc Lafitte, Hervé Trillaud, Liver contrast-enhanced sonography: Computer-assisted differentiation between focal nodular hyperplasia and inflammatory hepatocellular adenoma by reference to microbubble transport patterns, European Radiology, nov 2019 Read here
  • L Lafitte, C Zachiu, L G W Kerkmeijer, M Ries and B Denis de Senneville, Accelerating multi-modal image registration using  a supervoxel-based variational framework, Physics in Medicine and Biology, Nov 2018 Read here
  • L. Lafitte, R. Giraud, C. Zachiu, M. Ries, O. Suttere, A. Petite,O. Serore,C. Poignard, B. Denis de Senneville, Patch-based field-of-view matching in multi-modal images forelectroporation-based ablations Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics, nov 2020 Read here


  • Pierrick Coupé, José Vicente Manjón, Enrique Lanuza & Gwenaelle Catheline, Lifespan Changes of the Human Brain In Alzheimer’s Disease, Nature Scientific Report, May 2019, 9:3998 Read here
  • Kilian Hett, Vinh-Thong Ta, Gwenaëlle Catheline, Thomas Tourdias, José V. Manjón, Pierrick Coupé, Multimodal Hippocampal Subfield Grading For Alzheimer’s Disease Classification, Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative, oct 2019 Nature Scientific Reports Read here

  • Pierrick Coupé, Boris Mansencal, Michaël Clément, Rémi Giraud, Baudouin Denis de Senneville, Vinh-Thong Ta, Vincent Lepetit and José V. Manjon, AssemblyNet: A Novel Deep Decision-Making Process for Whole Brain MRI Segmentation, MICCAI, oct 2019 Read here

  • José V. Manjón, Alexa Bertó, José E. Romero, Enrique Lanuza, Roberto Vivo-Hernando, Fernando Aparici-Robles, Pierrick Coupe, pBrain: A novel pipeline for Parkinson related brain structure segmentation, Neuroimage Clinical, Jan 2020 Read here
  • Baudouin DENIS de SENNEVILLE, Jose  V. MANJON, Pierrick COUPE, RegQCNET: Deep Quality Control for Image-to-template Brain MRI Registration, Medicine and Biology, Oct 2020 Read here
  • Kilian Hett , Vinh-Thong, Ipek Oguz ,  José V. Manjón , Pierrick Coupé, Multi-scale graph-based grading for Alzheimer’s disease prediction Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative, Medical Image Analysis, August 2020 Read here
  • Pierrick Coupe , Boris Mansencal , Michael Clement , Remi Giraud , Baudouin Denis de Senneville , Vinh-Thong Ta , Vincent Lepetit , Jose V. Manjon,AssemblyNet: A large ensemble of CNNs for 3D whole brain MRI segmentation, Neuroimage, June 2020 Read here


  • Benjamin Taton, Renaud De La Faille, Julien Asselineau, Paul Perez,Pierre Merville, Thierry Colin, Christian Combe, Steven Sourbron, Nicolas Grenier, A prospective comparison of dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI and 51CrEDTA clearance for glomerular filtration rate measurement in 42 kidney transplant recipients European Journal of Radiology, Nov  2019 Read here


  • Pierre Antoine Linck, Gregory Kuchcinski, Fanny Munsch, Romain Griffier, Renaud Lopes, Gosuke Okubo, Sharmila Sagnier, Pauline Renou, Julien Asselineau, Paul Perez, Vincent Dousset, Igor Sibon, Thomas Tourdias, Neurodegeneration of the Substantia Nigra after Ipsilateral Infarct: MRI R2* Mapping and Relationship to Clinical Outcome, Radiology 2019; 291:438–448. Read here
  • Aurélien Olivier, Olivier Moal, Bertrand Moal, Fanny Munsch, Gosuke Okubo, Igor Sibon, Vincent Dousset, Thomas Tourdias, Active learning strategy and hybrid training for infarct segmentation on diffusion MRI with a U-shaped network, Journal of Medical Imaging, oct 2019 Read here

  • Sharmila Sagnier,  Gosuke Okubo, Gwenaëlle Catheline, Fanny Munsch, Antoine Bigourdan, Sabrina Debruxelles, Mathilde Poli, Stéphane Olindo, Pauline Renou, François Rouanet, Vincent Dousset, Thomas Tourdias, Igor Sibon, Chronic Cortical Cerebral Microinfarcts Slow Down Cognitive Recovery After Acute Ischemic Stroke, Stroke, May 2019 Read here

  • Sharmila Sagnier, Fanny Munsch, Antoine Bigourdan, Sabrina Debruxelles, Mathilde Poli, Pauline Renou, Stephane Olindo, Francois Rouanet, Vincent Dousset, Thomas Tourdias, and Igor Sibon, The Influence of Stroke Location on Cognitive and Mood Impairment. A Voxel-Based Lesion-Symptom Mapping Study, Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases, May 2019 Read here

  • Sandy Mournet, G. Okubo, I. Koubiyr, B. Zhang, H. Kusahara,  V. H. Prevost, N. Ichinose, B. Triaire, B. Hiba, V. Dousset , T. Tourdias, Higher b-values improve the correlation between diffusion MRI and the cortical microarchitecture, Neuroradiology, June 2020 Read here

  • Jason H. Su, Eun Young Choi, Thomas Tourdias, Manojkumar Saranathan, Casey H. Halpern, Jaimie M. Henderson, Kim Butts Pauly, Pejman Ghanouni, Brian K. Rutt, Improved Vim targeting for focused ultrasound ablation treatment of essential tremor: A probabilistic and patient-specific approach, HBM, August 2020 Read here

MOD project:

  • Crombé A, Périer C, Kind M, De Senneville BD, Le Loarer F, Italiano A, Buy X, Saut O, T2-based MRI Delta-radiomics improve response prediction in soft-tissue sarcomas treated by neoadjuvant chemotherapy, Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (2018) Read here

WP7 - Cohort imaging methodology

ACTE project:

  • G. Di Scala, M. Dupuy, E. Guillaud, E. Doat, E. Barse, B. Dillhareguy, F.A.M. Jean, M. Audiffren, J.R. Cazalets & S. Chanraud (2019): Efficiency of Sensorimotor Networks: Posture and Gait in Young and Older Adults, Experimental Aging Research Read here
  • Edde Manon, Di Scala Georges, Dupuy Maud, Dilharreguy Bixente, Catheline Gwenaelle, Chanraud Sandra, Learning-driven cerebellar intrinsic functional connectivity changes in men, Journal of Neuroscience Research, nov 2019, Read here
  • Majd Abdallah, Nicolas Farrugia, Valentine Chiroko, Sandra Chanraud, Static and Dynamic Aspects of Cerebro-Cerebellar Functional Connectivity are Associated with Self-reported Measures of Impulsivity: A Resting-State fMRI Study, Network Neuroscience, June 2020 Read here

ADPP project:

  • Nicolas Renaud, Hiba Bassem, Dilharreguy Bixente, Barse Elodie, Baillet Marion, Edde Manon, Pelletier Amandine, Periot Olivier, Helmer Catherine, Allard Michele, Dartigues Jean-François, Amieva Hélène, Pérès Karine, Fernandez Philippe, Catheline Gwénaëlle, Changes Over Time of Diffusion MRI in the White Matter of Aging Brain, a Good Predictor of Verbal Recall, Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, sept 2020 Read here

  • Edde M, Dilharreguy B, Theaud G, Chanraud S, Helmer C, Dartigues JF, Amieva H, Allard M, Descoteaux M, Catheline G, Age-related change in episodic memory: role of functional and structural connectivity between the ventral posterior cingulate and the parietal cortex, Brain Struct Funct. Sept 2020 Read here

  • Manon Edde, Guillaume Theaud, Francois Rheault, Bixente Dilharreguy, Catherine Helmer, Jean-Francois Dartigues, Helène Amieva, Michèle Allard, Maxime Descoteaux, Gwenaelle Catheline, Free water: A marker of age-related modifications of the cingulum white matter and its association with cognitive decline, Plos One, dec 2020 Read here

COBRASCAN project:

  • Coste F, Benlala I, Dournes G, Dromer C, Blanchard E, Girodet P-O, Montaudon M, Baldacci F, Picard F, Marthan R, Laurent F, Berger P, Quantitative CT assessment of bronchial and vascular alterations in severe precapillary pulmonary hypertension, International Journal COPD, 2019 Read here